Bio-statistics Programme

  • Program Name
  • Entry Requirement & Duration
  • Modules
  • M.Sc Bio-statistics
  • O‚Äôlevel credit passes in Mathematics, English language and any other three science (or social science)subjects.

    B.Sc(Hons) degree in Mathematics or Statistics from any recognized university with a minimum of second class lower division.

    PGD in Statistics with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 will also be eligible for admission.

    Evidence of NYSC/Exemption Certificate for Nigerian students

    Full Time: Minimum of three semesters and a maximum of six semesters.

  • 1.  Probability and Distribution Theory.

    2.  Basic Epidemiology and Vital Statistics.

    3.  Statistical Data Analysis using SPSS, R and ADVANCED SAS.

    4.  Research work, dissertation writing, seminar presentation and oral defense.


The high level manpower development in Biostatistics will enable the recipients compete favourably in industries, government parastatals, especially in Food processing, Food preservation, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical industries as well as economic planning departments, educational institutions, consultancy services, etc. The graduates of the programme will be trained to be self-employed and self-realization is also embedded in the training.


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